She Wanted to Dance 

Featured on Oyster Magazine

"Smart girl Daria Kobayashi Ritch has a way with photography that feels real and pleasant. Not too many people can capture sharp faces, sharp cracks of morning light and hazy backgrounds that have a nostalgic sense, not the way she does. And, because she's so smart, she also does a really good job of film. 

Following her first, Opaque, she's just released She Wanted to Dance - a short film inspired by 70's heist films, starring Valentina Sykes, Alex Noiret, and Kendall Walters as three babes who steal a briefcase and cruise across Los Angeles while they try to open it." - Oyster Magazine

Featured on Live FAST Magazine 

“She Wanted to Dance, Daria Kobayashi Ritch’s second directorial mark, is a three minute short that doesn’t take itself too seriously and doesn’t sacrifice a single frame. Shot entirely on 16mm film, it’s made up of sharp and slight comedic moments. It’s a cheeky take on the old school Hollywood heist narrative. Three girls steal a brief case, traverse across Los Angeles trying to open it, and they dance. It’s got a vibe that feels instantly classic created in the combination of style, coloring, and cutting dialogue." - LiveFAST Magazine


Featured on Nylon Magazine 

"Opaque is an ethereal fashion short about a girl after waking up in an unknown place. The original film plays on our perception of reality versus dreams. Starting off in an abandoned field, our stylish lead embarks on a solo journey wearing everything from Alessandra Marchi and All Saints Spitalfields to Issey Miyake and Uma Wang. As you watch this enchanting video, prepare to be sucked into a daydream." - Nylon Magazine 

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