Featured on Oyster Magazine & i-D Magazine 

"Oyster regular and total legend Daria Kobayashi Ritch has been succeeding so hard lately. Earlier this year, we featured her tense (but fun) short film She Wanted to Dance. Plus you’ve probably seen her name just casually floating around after shooting for Marc Jacobs (at his Daisy event) and Dior (for the Cruise show).

Already, she has a new short film, her 3rd so far, called Guppy. It fills a gap between reality and fantasy, 'leaving a lot of room for interpretation and further aid in the film’s main focus on emotions,' she tells us. 'Further than just “emotions”, it’s really about raw human connection — perhaps the interconnections between the different parts of oneself.'" - Oyster Magazine

She Wanted to Dance 

Featured on Oyster Magazine

"Smart girl Daria Kobayashi Ritch has a way with photography that feels real and pleasant. Not too many people can capture sharp faces, sharp cracks of morning light and hazy backgrounds that have a nostalgic sense, not the way she does. And, because she's so smart, she also does a really good job of film. 

Following her first, Opaque, she's just released She Wanted to Dance - a short film inspired by 70's heist films, starring Valentina Sykes, Alex Noiret, and Kendall Walters as three babes who steal a briefcase and cruise across Los Angeles while they try to open it." - Oyster Magazine

Featured on Live FAST Magazine 

“She Wanted to Dance, Daria Kobayashi Ritch’s second directorial mark, is a three minute short that doesn’t take itself too seriously and doesn’t sacrifice a single frame. Shot entirely on 16mm film, it’s made up of sharp and slight comedic moments. It’s a cheeky take on the old school Hollywood heist narrative. Three girls steal a brief case, traverse across Los Angeles trying to open it, and they dance. It’s got a vibe that feels instantly classic created in the combination of style, coloring, and cutting dialogue." - LiveFAST Magazine


"Opaque is an ethereal fashion short about a girl after waking up in an unknown place. The original film plays on our perception of reality versus dreams. Starting off in an abandoned field, our stylish lead embarks on a solo journey wearing everything from Alessandra Marchi and All Saints Spitalfields to Issey Miyake and Uma Wang. As you watch this enchanting video, prepare to be sucked into a daydream." - Nylon Magazine 

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